Vicco Lotion Spray

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Vicco Lotion Spray can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, It used during periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding...

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Vicco Lotion Spray


Vicco Lotion Spray can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, but although no significant problems are expected, a specialist doctor should be consulted before use during periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it is recommended to use it for the shortest possible period of time.

It is recommended to leave a period of not less than an hour before or after using VICCO Lotion on the skin, before using any other skin preparation.

You should avoid using Vicco Lotion-Spray near the nose, mouth, or eyes, in order to avoid it reaching those places.

This lotion can be used to prevent diaper rash in children, by using it with every diaper change, but it is preferable to use it once or twice a day, especially at bedtime.

If the condition does not improve within 7 days of using this lotion, you must consult a specialist doctor (especially in cases of diaper rash in children).


side effects:
There are very few cases showing an allergy to zinc oxide (one of the components of VICCO lotion), which appears in the form of itching, redness, and a rash at the site of using topical zinc oxide products. Usually, symptoms of allergy appear when the product is first used. .


Composition and content:

1- Chamomile oil: This extract has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone, and this oil also accelerates wound healing.

2- Olive oil: This extract has antibacterial properties, reduces skin infections and diaper rashes in infants.

3- Almond oil: This extract contains a group of vitamins (A, E, B1, B2, B6), which improve skin health, moisturize the skin, and remove dry skin.

4- Zinc oxide: A substance used to prevent and treat skin rashes. Topical zinc oxide products can also be used to treat minor skin infections (for example, sunburn, diaper rash, mild allergies, minor burns).

1- Prevents skin sensitivity and redness in sensitive areas.

2- It is applied to the sensitive area after hair removal so that pimples do not appear.

3- It can be used in mixtures to whiten and purify the skin.

4- It does not contain cortisone, which is used for baby diapers.

5- Sunburn, insect bites.


Safety Instructions

1-This preparation is for external use only.

2- Avoid using this lotion around the eyes or near the mucous membranes.

3-Do not apply this lotion to broken, ulcerated, or burned skin.

4- In the event that the lotion accidentally comes into contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, immediately use plenty of water to wash the area.

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