Tonika Hair Shampoo

Tonika Hair Shampo
- High penetration power
- Prolonges Anagen Phase
-Improves healthy hair growth
-Decreases amount of inactive hairs
-Anti inflammatory effect
-Anti oxidative & antiseptic effect
-Stimulates hair growth & thicknees
-Stimuletes scalp circulation
-Anti Dandruff effect (without hair dryness)
-ERUCA OIL : Has antiseptic & anti-oxidant effect Promotes hair growth & Reduce irritation.
-ROSEMARY: stimulates hair growth & increase scalp circulation.
-OLIVE OIL: PH adjuster, scalp cell regenerator, Antiseptic effect & Anti-inflammatory effect.
-PANTHENOL: Moisturising, improves hair growth & thickness.
-ALOE VERA: Anti-inflammatory, Anti dandruff, Provide binding blocks of hair protein.
-JOJOBA OIL: Moisturizing, give light, silly & shiny appearance Effective in control & treatment of hair loss, damaged hair & split ends.

R. Wonder Whitening Soap

R. Wonder Whitening Soap Indications : - Treatment of melisma, black spot & darkness skin - Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH) - Anti-aging - Moisturizing effect - Whiting effect - Irritant skin - Avoid sun burns

Sorti iron supplement

Sorti iron supplement for supporting blood functions in pregnancy and anemia.

Wonder Whitening cream

Wonder Whitening cream now released only in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman and all over the world soon.