VINDO Serum contains a group of oils, including Argan oil, which helps to grow and nourish hair It moisturizes the hair, Useful in the case of dry and brittle hair.

  • Helps hair growth,
  • Deep moisturizing from roots.
  • Shiny & healthy hair look.

MoHair Oil Hair spray (120 ml)

MoHair oil spray is a Hair repair spray, An advanced formula for all hair types ... A follicle & scalp toner, Get the Ultimate efficacy. Contains:  L.Arginine, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Cedar wood, thyme and Jojoba oil

Tonika Hair Shampoo

Tonika Hair Shampoo
- High penetration power
- Prolonges Anagen Phase
-Improves healthy hair growth
-Decreases amount of inactive hairs
-Anti inflammatory effect
-Anti oxidative & antiseptic effect
-Stimulates hair growth & thicknees
-Stimuletes scalp circulation
-Anti Dandruff effect (without hair dryness)
-ERUCA OIL : Has antiseptic & anti-oxidant effect Promotes hair growth & Reduce irritation.
-ROSEMARY: stimulates hair growth & increase scalp circulation.
-OLIVE OIL: PH adjuster, scalp cell regenerator, Antiseptic effect & Anti-inflammatory effect.
-PANTHENOL: Moisturising, improves hair growth & thickness.
-ALOE VERA: Anti-inflammatory, Anti dandruff, Provide binding blocks of hair protein.
-JOJOBA OIL: Moisturizing, give light, silly & shiny appearance Effective in control & treatment of hair loss, damaged hair & split ends.

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